Friday, October 24, 2014
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Mosaic receives Interhab awards in Kansas

Friday, October 24, 2014

Congratulations to the Mosaic team in Kansas whose quality work was reflected in three different awards at the 2014 Interhab Annual Awards Ceremony on October 17. Interhab is the statewide providers association.

Michael BishopMosaic in Winfield’s nominee Michael Bishop received the Achievement in the Workplace Award. Michael has worked at the local Kroger store for 10 months and recently was acknowledged with an award as an exemplary employee by the company. In addition to work, he is involved in numerous activities such as Special Olympics and advocacy groups, and has made personal progress through supportive staff members and his host home family.Danita McHenry

Danita McHenry of Mosaic in Winfield received a 2014 Art Award. She has been with Mosaic since 2007 and works part-time as a receptionist in the office. She was discovered as an artist by a local retired art professor who taught some classes at the agency to prepare for a Mosaic art show. The teacher was so impressed with Danita’s talent that she invited her to take lessons and Danita’s talent has flourished.

Ellsworth Community awardThe City of Ellsworth, nominated by Mosaic in Ellsworth, received the Kansas Inclusive Communities Award. Ellsworth has the oldest Mosaic agency in Kansas, established in 1986. The community has made great effort to not only be physically accessible, but welcomes people with disabilities to hold community jobs and participate actively in church and social life. In presenting the award, it was noted that “Individuals with disabilities are woven into the fabric of Ellsworth in a seamless manner that provides the ability to live a meaningful life in a caring community.”

Congratulations on a great job representing the work of Mosaic!

(See full-size photos by clicking on the images of Michael Bishop with his award, Danita McHenry with her award-winning art, and representatives from Mosaic and Ellsworth with the community award.)


Celebrating a birthday, celebrating cheesecake

Wednesday, October 22, 2014Danny Reed

Danny Reed, who is served by Mosaic in Rockford, recently celebrated his 43rd birthday. Danny has a particular way he likes to spend his birthday, a tradition that started when he came to Mosaic 15 years ago. At that time, Danny shared that he is a big enthusiast of cheesecake and he loves to try new cheesecake flavors wherever he travels.

As part of Mosaic's mission, we create a life of possibilities (which includes Danny's sweet tooth) for those we serve, so Mosaic staff created a goal and plan for Danny to try all The Cheesecake Factory restaurants within traveling distance of Rockford. So far, Danny has gone to all of The Cheesecake Factory restaurants in Wisconsin and Illinois and has experienced more than 15 different cheesecakes with Mosaic on his birthday each year. Danny enjoys his birthday because he knows he will be getting to travel and to try new cheesecake. Danny's birthday is not just about trying a new cheesecake, it is about him being able to celebrate a special day.  
Danny's last trip to The Cheesecake Factory in Chicago was a success. Danny said in the middle of his dessert, “I am loving it! You know like the McDonald’s commercials, ‘I am loving it!’” Danny also received new headphones on his birthday and he would not take them off all day.
Kudos to the team at Mosaic in Rockford for helping create this special tradition.

Volunteers support Mosaic in many ways

Bargain BoxThursday, October 16, 2014

This ‘throwback Thursday’ photo shows early volunteers at The Bargain Box Thrift Store in Beatrice. The Bargain Box was started by The Children’s Guild, an organization founded in 1961 to support Martin Luther Home and School, which is now Mosaic. The store is run by volunteers, each of whom must provide at least 50 hours of service every year as a member of the Guild. In 2014, the 52 members contributed more than 7,000 hours of volunteer labor.

The store’s mission still supports Mosaic. At the organization’s annual luncheon earlier this year, the Guild presented Debbie Herbel, Executive Director of Mosaic in Beatrice, a check for $35,000. Over the years, the organization has given more than $500,000 to Mosaic. This year’s check was the largest annual gift the Guild has ever given.

Across Mosaic, thousands of volunteers play an integral part of Mosaic’s mission every year. Some come for one day of service, others come every week. Volunteers provide everything from friendship and direct support services, to advocacy and work with sustainable funding.

Have you thanked a volunteer today?

Thankful for a ‘good life’; giving to help others

Mildred NienaberMonday, October 20, 2014

One generous donor, Mildred Nienaber, is helping build success in the 16 Mosaic agencies holding Partners in Possibilities fundraising events this fall by giving $2,000 toward each event as a leadership gift.

Mildred knew about Mosaic from a young age. Her family supported Martin Luther Home (now Mosaic) in Beatrice. She and her husband Bill lived in Beatrice when they first married. Although they later moved to Colorado where Bill built a successful carpentry and construction business, Mildred remembered the good things done for people by Mosaic.  

When Bill died in 2009, Mildred moved into a senior living apartment and gave Mosaic the home that the couple designed, built and lived in for more than 47 years. Her gifts to Mosaic now total more than $600,000 and she has placed Mosaic in her estate plan.

“It is important to help others,” she said.

Mildred is quick to talk about the many blessings she has known. They include faith, a long and happy marriage, family who care for her, good health, financial security, and many other things – “a good life,” she says.

Thank you, Mildred, for sharing your blessings.

Cutting coupons to cut expenses for people

Liz P CouponsTuesday, October 14, 2014 

Liz Pagel, Direct Support Associate, has brought her hobby of couponing to Mosaic in Macomb. Liz said that she has always used coupons, but really got serious about it around four years ago.

She decided to bring her hobby to Mosaic about a year ago. Staff originally began using coupons for grocery shopping to help with the tight budget in the homes. But once the staff noticed how they could make the budget stretch, they moved on to client-care supplies.

Employees have now taught people served how to use coupons to purchase their own hygiene supplies to help their often small spending allowance stretch to things they want, like going out to dinner or to a movie. Recently, all of the individuals in two homes were able to purchase enough supplies such as deodorant and shampoo to last them two months for just the cost of the sales tax. Liz said that, at a time when agency funding is tight, all Mosaic homes could benefit from this practice. She said apps like Walmart's “Saving Catcher” are making saving time and money easy and fun.

In addition to teaching Mosaic clients and staff how to coupon, Liz has held two couponing classes in the community, created a Facebook group, and she writes and creates deals for She also was voted Direct Support Associate of the Year by her coworkers on Sept. 14.

Thank you to Liz and the rest of Mosaic in Macomb DSAs for your hard work and forward thinking to help people, and Mosaic, prosper.

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