Monday, September 15, 2014
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Mosaic is Growing in Texas

TexasMosaic employees in Texas are going to be busier than usual over the next several weeks as they bring into Mosaic more than 120 people and the foster care (host home) providers and other service contractors who assist them.

This week, staff members have been holding ‘town hall’ sessions to help people learn about Mosaic. The sessions are shared with staff from Arrow Child & Family Ministries. That organization is transitioning out of adult foster care and focusing on their primary mission to serve children. With the acquisition of these services, Mosaic will expand to serve nearly the entire state of Texas, according to Marva Weaver, Vice President of Operations (photo).

“Because of the reputation that Mosaic has,” Marva said, “it is going to be exciting for people to know that Mosaic is now in their area.”

Several national support staff members are in Texas to assist with the transition.  Mosaic is set to begin the new services on Oct. 1.


This week at Mosaic ...

Thank Mosaic DSPs!

DSPs=VIPs redDirect Support Professionals are at the heart of Mosaic’s mission and, for many people, they are the face of Mosaic. September 7-13 is Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week. Many activities – including luncheons, awards, daily surprise treats and thank you notes and gifts – are happening across Mosaic. Make sure to let the DSPs you work with know they are valued!


HR leaders meeting in Omaha

The second Mosaic HR Summit is taking place this week in Omaha. HR leaders from agencies and nationalHR Summit logo supports are together for three days of networking and education. Professionals from Mosaic and outside vendors cover topics ranging from changes at Mosaic to new laws and regulations affecting employees and benefits.

“The main reason we did this was to give everyone with HR a quality educational opportunity without having to go outside of Mosaic,” said Sue Loerts, Senior Vice President of Human Resources. She said the program is a professional level seminar that also offers the benefit of networking with peers.

The times they are a-changin'

On Aug. 23, 1963, several hundred people gathered to pull a walking plow to break grMLH Walking Plowound at Martin Luther Home in Beatrice for a new sheltered workshop, an innovative concept at the time. In 2014, Mosaic’s vision for the future as expressed in “Forward in Faith” states:

“Workshops and day programs with too little ‘work’ will become a thing of the past. Meaningful day will become a reality for people through paid work opportunities, competitive employment, volunteer experiences, therapies, access to technology, educational opportunities, community experiences and retirement options.”

The future at Mosaic is providing personalized services – asking individuals what type of life they want to lead and then finding ways to make it happen. Instead of breaking ground for a place where people gather and spend their days, we’re helping people find or create new, ‘groundbreaking’ activities that give their life the meaning they seek.

Building a Caring Community

Mosaic’s mission is the same around the globe: help build lives of possibilities. In TanzanIsidoriia, a life of possibilities often starts with addressing basic health issues. Isidori came into our Tanzanian program at age 21 and weighed just 27 pounds. Severe neglect and malnutrition had left him so weak that he could not sit or feed himself. He had little interaction with the world around him and he struggled with anxiety and emotional instability.

Through the Building a Caring Community (BCC) program, Mosaic International donors provide Isidori with special nutritional supplements that have strengthened him. Many of the children and young adults in the program come from families where the poverty is so great they often have days without food at home. At BCC, they all receive two hot meals per day. Those who suffer from severe malnutrition, like Isidori, receive additional supplements. Our international team is working on an initiative to provide this nutritional supplement to all those who have malnutrition.

Today, in addition to his health improvements, Isidori no longer suffers from severe anxiety. His moods are more stable. He sits by himself, can feed himself and enjoys his regular meals. Best of all, he is now able to make progress in communication so that he can interact more with the other children and young adults at the center who love him.

In the photo, Isidori enjoys a meal with Shaeli Urassa, center director in Moshi, Tanzania.

Forward in Faith - the guiding vision for Mosaic

Mosaic flag“As we begin our second century, we look back with gratitude and forward with faith. We are called to this work and must be faithful to our mission: Embracing God’s call to serve in the world, Mosaic advocates for people with intellectual disabilities and provides opportunities for them to enjoy a full life.”

Those words come from the introduction to “Forward in Faith: A vision for Mosaic’s second century of service.” That vision will shape Mosaic’s structure, leadership, services and advocacy over the next decade. It was shared with the organization by CEO Linda Timmons on May 5 and introduced One Mosaic, the term describing the way agencies and national supports will work together moving forward. Forward in Faith also shaped Mosaic 2.0, our strategic plan through FY 2017.

Forward in Faith, Mosaic 2.0 and other supporting documents are available through the links below. You may also view the May 5 webinar in which Linda gives an overview of some of the trends and services context that shaped the Forward in Faith vision.

Forward in Faith

Mosaic 2.0

Mosaic Mission, Vision and Values

Introductory webinar

Putting it All Together

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