Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Aspiring pastor in Tanzania program

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mosaic has ties to several international programs.  Here is a story from our partner program in Tanzania.
Jonathan wanted to be a pastor for as long as he can remember. Jonathan in Tanzania
He is a young man with Down syndrome who is served by Mosaic’s partner program, Building A Caring Community (BCC), in Moshi, Tanzania.  He is in the young adult program where he receives vocational training in life and job skills.  He also participates in BCC’s farm program where he has his own plot, and is a member of a paper-making coop.
But Jonathan’s dream – what he feels is his true calling – is to become a pastor.  He has a very strong faith and his relationship with God is central to his life.
In Tanzania, many people still view his disability as a curse resulting from the sin of someone in the family. There is an incredible amount of stigma associated with it.  In this context Jonathan and others with intellectual disabilities are marginalized, denied education, and considered lesser than.  
During this year’s popular Olympic Day, Pastor James Nkyia, Spiritual Director of BCC, asked Jonathan to deliver the closing prayer. To see a pastor turn over honors that come with his high-status position, to Jonathan brought to life the words of Jesus: “I thank you, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hid these things from the wise and learned and have revealed them to the little ones.” (Luke 10:21)
Jonathan beamed with joy at the opportunity.  Those who see and hear Jonathan pray cannot help but be moved.  He has a lot to teach others about faith.  That's Jonathan in the rose-colored shirt in the photo.
Tanzania has a strong tradition of faith.  Mosaic’s partnership with BCC, an outreach of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, models a moral authority to fight the stigma associated with disability.  
With BCC, Jonathan is able to celebrate his faith and be included as a valued member in both his church and community.  He has been able to grow and develop as a whole person: mentally, physically and spiritually.  
Most importantly, he can share his gifts with others in a way that is pleasing in God’s sight.


Open enrollment for benefits starting soon

September 19, 2016 Benefit box

Open enrollment for 2017 employee benefits will begin October 10 and run through November 11.  Your benefits include options for health coverage, life insurance, flex spending accounts and more. 

Local HR staff members will host enrollment meetings October 10-28.  Watch for information with the dates and times for meetings at your location.  The meetings are your opportunity to learn about benefit options and ask any questions you may have.  For those who cannot attend the local meetings, webinars will also be available.  

It is important that you try to attend a meeting or webinar.  There are some changes to Mosaic’s benefit package this year and we want you to have a full understanding of all your options so that you make the choices that best fit you.   

IMPORTANT – Open Enrollment begins Monday, October 10.  You must complete your selection of benefits online by midnight on Friday, November 11.  To make your selections, visit > Self Service > Benefits > HR in Touch.

They’re your benefits – make them count!

“Smooth sailing” in agency’s first host home

Wednesday, August 10, 2016Tommy P close up

Haven Baudino said that becoming a host family for Tommy Parsons was like a calling, something she knew she had to do.
“I had thought about it for a while, and one morning I was sitting thinking about it and I woke my husband up and I told him I had to do it,” Haven states in an article in the McDonough County Voice.  “It was the first he’d heard of it and he thought I had lost my mind because he’d never heard me say anything about it at all.  And he was very supportive.”
Haven was a Mosaic employee at the time, working in human resources.  She and Tommy had developed a friendship in the years he had received services.  With the full support of her husband, Jayson, Tommy became a part of the family in 2015. They became the first host home for Mosaic in Macomb (Illinois).
Now, Haven said, Tommy is thriving. Tommy P kayak
Tommy still participates in a day program.  But he vacations with Haven and Jayson, goes to hockey games with them, enjoys his favorite TV shows with Jayson – they shares their lives, like a family.  
He also has had many new experiences.   
When he lived in a group home, Tommy wasn’t able to have a dog.  He now has Molly Parson, a miniature pinscher (Haven and Jayson have two dogs of their own).  He also started kayaking this summer, something he has wanted to do for quite a while.
After receiving lessons on boating safety, rules and regulations, Tommy first took a ride in a row boat, a step toward his goal.  When he handles it all so well, Haven put plans in place for Tommy to try a kayak.  On his first day with the kayak, Tommy glided around the lake on his own for more than three hours.  
It is clear that Tommy is happy in his host home.  And Haven?  
“It is a lot of work,” she said, “but it’s very rewarding.  It’s life changing in a good way.”
Congratulations to Tommy on his successes.  Thank you to Haven and Jayson for helping Tommy succeed.  A world of possibilities awaits.

Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week

Monday, Sept. 12, 20162016 DSP Pin Mockup

(This appeared on Mosaic's blog,, today.)

by Linda Timmons

A few weeks ago I shared the results of our Family Satisfaction Survey, stating my pride in the people who work at Mosaic.  Families said that Mosaic works hard to “make a positive difference” in the lives of the people we serve.

This week, we’re recognizing and thanking the group of employees that make that happen every day.  September 10-17 is Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week.   

There’s an irony in that title.  We recognize them for the great work they do, but not often enough.  Direct Support Professionals (DSPs for short) are those folks who, every day, protect the health and well-being of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and help the people we support lead the life of their choosing.

We themed this week’s recognition around Heart because DSPs give from the heart.  They act as mentors, friends, guides, coaches and teachers.  They bring compassion, kindness, creativity, listening, excitement and encouragement.  They nurse hurts, celebrate successes, protect dignity, offer opportunities.  They laugh with, cry with, sit with, walk with, talk with and just be with the people Mosaic serves.  

DSPs are some amazing folks.  I am often in awe of their humility – and honored to recognize their work.  But, there’s the irony.  Most DSPs don’t want you to notice them, they want you to see the people they support.

We’ve launched a Facebook campaign this year to ask people to write a bit about their favorite DSP.  We want to hear stories about the impact that DSPs have made on people’s lives.  If you know a Mosaic DSP that you’d like to honor in that way, please visit our Facebook page and share.  (You might also win a gift card to take a DSP out for coffee and say, ‘thank you.’)

I think you’ll enjoy this short video about one of our DSPs, Hattie.  You will see how much she loves her job because she is helping others succeed.  Hattie represents the feelings of many Mosaic DSPs.

Please join me in saying “Thank You” to our DSPs.  They truly are the heart of our mission.

Family/guardian satisfaction survey brings high marks

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 Good Job

They like you, they really like you!  

Results from the family/guardian satisfaction survey showed that people see the positive difference Mosaic is making in the lives of people served.  That survey item received the highest ranking, a 4.64 out of a possible 5.0.  The next highest score came in overall satisfaction, which rated a 4.54 out of 5.0.

Community involvement, respect, work, and many other areas were covered in the survey.  You can read the full results online at > MyCorporate Services > Specialized Services > Resources > Family Satisfaction Surveys.

“Overall we had really good feedback that affirms the positive impact of many of the priority areas we’ve been addressing,” said Linda Timmons, Mosaic President and CEO.  “It also affirms that direction for our future and priorities regarding staffing and personalized services.”

The biggest challenges represented in the survey results include staff turnover and how that affects relationships, and meaningful work opportunities for people.  

Also included in the results are a comparison of responses from 24-hour residential versus host homes, general comments people included in their responses, and other data.

Mosaic sent 2,588 paper and 849 online surveys to family and guardians in 2016, an increase of 450 surveys from the number sent in 2015. Response rate for online surveys was 40.10 percent (highest response ever received), with paper surveys receiving 28.75 percent responses, for a total response rate of 31.49 percent. The total response rate is an improvement of 3.82 percent compared to 2015.

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